We determine your cost by taking the current price per pound and multiplying it by the  hanging carcass weight.
This is the weight of the prepared, cleaned carcass that is cut into steaks, roasts, ground beef and other cuts.
The standard make up of a freezer beef packages consists of 25% steaks, 25% roasts, 40% ground beef and 10% other cuts. We will assist you in customizing your order.
On average a whole beef hanging weight will be 750 lbs. This will yield 450 to 500 lbs. of take home cuts.  If you choose half of a beef the average yield will be 225 to 250 lbs. of take home cuts.
Our cattle are predominantly grass fed and raised on open pastures.  When most of the cattle are near their ideal processing age, we then allow them access to grain. The cattle continue to eat grass and grain for a short period before slaughter.  The grain simply helps to ensure the correct amount of marbling giving the beef its rich flavor and desired tenderness.
These cattle have been raised on a diet of grass and hay and have been allowed to finish on grass.  These cattle take longer to reach their ideal slaughter weight and to correctly marble.  Because this beef is slightly leaner,  it requires lower cooking temperatures for best results.
Yes! We are certified Humane by the state of Indiana’s Department of Agriculture.  Our cattle are raised on open pastures with clean well water, fresh air, and sunshine. The animals are raised without exposure to steroids, antibiotics, or added hormones.
We use  local USDA and Indiana state inspected facilities that treat the animals with respect and ensure their stress levels remain as low as possible before they are processed. Your beef and pork will be frozen, vacuum sealed, and have the date of packaging clearly labeled.
You will need at least 15 cu ft. of freezer space to hold a half of a beef, and 7-8 cu ft. for a quarter.
Yes! On average our beef is dry aged for 14 days.
Yes! Frozen cuts can be purchased year round.  We ask that you please call so that we can be available to help you, as we are a working farm.